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He was born in 1922(ish) and the Haitian man is said to have been turned into a zombie by a combination of drugs. He been of interested both in folklore and for those that have an interest in how his condition came to light.

It’s believed he was drugged by puffer-fish venom and toad venom, it induced a coma that mimicked the appearance of death. The general belief is that it the poisoning was done by his brother when they had quarrelled over land. 

He was then returned home, where he collapsed and seen as dead, he was then buried. The Bokor (sorcerer) then retrieved the man who was, in effect, buried alive. Once retrieved from his grave he was given a drug known as datura, which causes memory loss and hallucinations He was in a zombie-like compliant state and this meant he worked subserviently for two years on a sugar plantation. The owner of the plantation died and Narcisse was left to wander free, unaware of the death of his brother he slowly began to regain his senses as the drug left his system.

According to the interview with American Scientist after 18 years of being presumed dead he came back to his village, he managed to convince his sister and some of the villagers about who he was. After the hallucinogen worked it’s way out if his system the former was restored to his natural mental state. One of the things that is frustrating is that there are not enough notes, from Wade Davis who explored the case, to determine the actual neurotoxin used. 

Here is the account.

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When I think of spooky or truly authentic sounding places I have to admit New Orlean’s is one of them. I see regular pictures and video’s on the internet. It really needs to be on my list of places to aim for.

Manchac Swamp is near New Orleans and has another nickname, the Swamp of the Ghosts. The swamp was cursed by a an adept of the voodoo cult (not the nice side either) in the 20’s when locals imprisoned her on charges of witchcraft. Three small villages nearby were taken down by a hurricane that came shortly after, adding weight to the theory as far as they were concerned.

Another victim of the weather at the swamp was a cemetery, halfway between Frenier and Ruddock there was St. John the Baptist Parish which had roughly 100 souls buried there.