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In the northern hills of Chile lays an old abandoned mining town which brings with it a true Ghost Town story. The cemetery opposite is where the towns original inhabitants were buried, they are said to rise from the graves and walk through their towns as they once did.

Le Noira was a large mining town in the 19th Century, when economics forced the town closed it was left deserted, but it seems that the tale only begins there!

The management were said to have treat the workers so badly when it closed they they killed those they could not trust to talk, any they thought that might be a potential tell-tale were murdered by the management. They killed the unfortunates and then buried them in the cemetery opposite where many were already the victims of terrible accidents.

This particularly gruesome tale may have weight to it as there have been sentimental items such as photographs found left around the home.

Nearby locals have been known to physically stop unwanted tourists. The shallow graves are scattered, the sand that was used to cover them has blown away over the years. Partially dressed skeletons in various conditions now lay in their semi-buried graves or in some cases not in them at all.

The poor people of La Noira have not been truly allowed to rest in peace.



Okay to be honest there are hundreds of posts that could be done around zombies but I’m just going to go with some generics and fun bits. There will no doubt be more as time goes on…

The fictional zombie is a walking undead creature that eats the flesh and brains of humans, once bitten you either get a slow agonising death or mauled apart as fodder. More flesh for the flesh eaters… if you should survive in tact(ish) then you can rise and join the army!

My first experience with zombies came thanks to Channel 4 screaming Zombie Flesh Eaters when I was in my teens, sitting up in the early hours of the morning I was entranced and disgusted by the old black and white horror. The modern evolvement from the gaming platforms and some of the other TV shows has brought the zombie phenomenon to the forefront.

For anyone that likes their horror to be light-hearted Shaun Of The Dead has always been a fun one. The idea that some seemingly random Brits are caught up in what is effectively the Zombie Apocalypse is headed up with the local pub and a bunch of misfits. If you’re familiar with Shaun Of The Dead you’d likely be aware of the shambling slow horde zombie that comes up along the street, or tries to grab you from it’s fallen position in the road.

America has also brought with it The Walking Dead that has spurned some games and a fan-base of people that are avidly watching a group trying to survive against innumerable odds. From the very opening scene’s the characters are brutally thrown into the war against the undead, against other survivors and the environment itself. The Walking Dead has everything the aspiring last stand enthusiast needs, abandoned city scapes, the harsh realities of desperate people and the fantastically created monsters themselves.

So if you haven’t checked out these two perhaps you might now?

And for good measure check out Zed Events, they organise Survival Weekends here in England, you can test your zombie survival skills in real time!