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From the 1920’s onwards, stories has been told from North America (and Canada) of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch which is a giant 6-10 foot tall humanoid with shaggy hair, and a repulsive smell.

A miner claimed to have been abdusted by one another man said his group were attacked by an ape-man. The stories were dismissed as hoaxes.

Hoaxes about this seem to come up fairly regularly. In 1958 paw-prints were found at Bluff Creek but were made by wooden feet. A famous film from 1967, by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin showed what looked like a hairy female humanoid that rushed off into the woods. Was it a genuine cryptid, unknown animal or a hoax?

Raymond Patterson (1918-2002) was a big-foot hunter and his friend, Bob Heironimus, claimed it was a hoax as he was the man in the suit. Patterson and Gimli refused to retract the claim as valid footage and the debate goes on.

In 1973 in Illinois a couple parked up were scared out of their wits and described the creature they saw much like that of a Sasquatch. With slime-dripping from it’s body and a foul stench.

In 2008 a Youtube video surfaced that claimed to show a dead Bigfoot, it was found in Georgia. TV networks clustered around the freezer containing the corpse but it turned out to be another hoax, with a hollow head and rubber feet.

The search continues.

I do not know why but in my head this comes out as “cardboard a saurus willy” which I am aware sounds either very wrong, or very silly… but anyway on to the post! I haven’t really touched on the cryptoid subject that often, really it’s not one that floats my strange boat but I feel I should acknowledge them none-the-less.

“Caddy” is a lake monster, akin to the rather famous Loch Ness Monster. He is reported (or was) to be living on the Pacific Coast of North America and is named thanks to Cadboro Bay in Victoria, British Columbia. Witnesses have said that he looks like a serpent with vertical coils or humps in tandem behind a horse-like head. He has a long neck, small elevating front flippers and either a pair of hind flippers that are fused together to form a lie tail fan for propulsion.

Suggestions are put forward to explain Caddy, including Congers eels or sea lions. 1943 two police officers spotted something in the Georgia Lake which to the naked eye could well have been something like CW but with binoculars and a little deductions they found it to be a bull sea lion. Another plausible explanation for Caddy appears to come in the form of in the form of Giant Oarfish, some of which are reported at 17 metres in length.

I like this rather nice and simply produced visual representation.

So the sightings/dead things bit…

1930 – there was a skeleton found in ice near Valdez that was 24 feet long with flippers, some of the remains were used for scientific study which was thought to be a whale but was undetermined.

1934 Henry Island found badly decomposed remains, the strange mess was about 30 feet long but once the remains were examined they were identified as basking shark.

The 1940’s saw two corpses, one was named Sarah the Sea Hag, and both were found to be a shark. 1950 Delake, Oregon offered up much the same as a  whale shark found it’s way into the hands of the locals.

Finally the last one I have is 1963, Oak Harbour when a carcass with a head that looked vaguely like that of a horse was found it was passed over to A D Welander Fisheries. The best suggestion for this was that it was a basking shark.

The Dover Demon is a cryptid that comes from the Massachusett’s area, USA. It was first reported April 21st 1977. He has attracted enough interest worldwide to have figurines of him made in Japan.

The Dover Demon was first sighted by three 17 year old boys driving through the area, the cars headlights caught it as they passed near a bar. Bill Bartlett was the driver that reported the sighting saying that at first he thought it was a dog or cat. On closer inspection they found it was a rather unearthly-looking thing crawling along a stone wall, Farm Street.

He watched it long enough to get a desciption, which is that it had a disproportionately large head with illuminated orange eyes. It has long thin arms and slender fingers. It was hairless with a rough skin and had no eyes, ears or mouth that he could see. Other witnesses say the creature has green eyes, chalky grey skin and that it makes a blood curdling screech, however the sexless, featureless descriptions are a match.

It was then seen an hour later by two more teenagers who were walking home. Both of them said it was bipedal, this also matched the same description from two people the next day who said the same information as Bartlett however he reported the eyes as green not orange. All witnesses have remained steadfast with their description and they all drew sketches. Bartlett’s included a note to say he also would swear on a stack of Bibles that’s what he saw.

So… how does he fit in with theories? Let’s jump straight to alien, a possible human/alien hybrid that escaped from a secret compound? How about a being from another dimension?

A curiously mundane (and perhaps more sensible) suggestion comes from zoological sources who say it might be a newborn moose. Some of the descriptives are very similar but a moose has hooves not fingers. Also it was disputed saying that at the time the offspring would be larger and no records for them exist in eastern Mass- for 1977.

So the conlusion is that there is so far nothing evidence wise to prove or disprove the Devon Demon. The description is also similar to that of the Mannegishi creature native to Cree Indians in Canada. It could also be similar to some aquatic beings, like a merbeing type. A similar description also comes up in the Carribean legends of the Backoo.

Unfortunately there was also a greater deal of skepticism due to the age of the people involved. Some skeptics like to cite that this is nothing more than teenage pranking, but before the reportings had been put together after the fact there is nothing to suggest the teenagers had even met. Another one for the unsolved case but intriguing none the less.

A funny comedy vid about it

The Goat Sucker is a famous Cryptid, who is believed to inhabit parts of the America’s. Puerto Rico has the first reported sightings, the name comes from he creatures habit of drinking the blood of livestock animals. The descriptions vary but it is supposedly a heavy set creature the size of a small bear with quills from the neck to tail. Sightings are usually not supported with any evidence and those that have are largely disproved as canid’s with mange.

A report, presumed the first. was made in Puerto Rico in 1995 where 8 sheep were found dead. They had three puncture wounds to the chest and were drained of blood. In 1975 a rather similar thing had been reported but had been attributed to the Vampire of Moca instead.

Many of the reports have turned out to be coyote with mange, one such case was August 2007 in Cuero, Texas, where Phylis Canion lost nearly 30 chickens. She brought the thing to light and it was tested, it was found to be a gray fox with extreme mange.

A similar legend from New Orleans concerns a lovers lane, location Grunch Road. It is said to be inhabited by Grunches who bear a similar resemblance to the chupacabre.

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Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog that is said to roam the countryside of East Anglia. The name may have been derived from the Old English of Scucca (demon) or the local dialect word Shucky meaning hairy.

Shuck is one of many ghostly dogs along the British Isles. He has been recorded as an omen of death, or sometimes as a companiable animal, it is classified as a cryptid.

Inhabitants of England report that he dogs have red or green demonic eyes. The size of Shuck varies from a large dog to nearly the size of a cow. Dr Simon Sherwood suggests that the earliest account comes from an incident recorded for the Peterborough Chronicles in 1127.

In 1577 his appearance at Bungay and Blythburgh secured the famous legend and made him part of the iconography of the area.

The Holy Trinity Church has 18 pairs of carved and painted angels hanging from the roof beams. Another interesting part of the Church is the North Door, it has scorch marks on it which, it is claimed, was made by the Black Dog that appeared before its congregation in 1577.

The church was struck by lightning in 1577 and the spire toppled, it’s possible the damage was caused then but personally I prefer Shuck’s tale.