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Usually I leave current news to countless blog sites out there but this one is just too strange to pass up!

A man in Miami, Rudy Eugene, 31 years old was shot dead by the Miami police when they found the strange scene of a man attacking another man and eating his face. I am not kidding you either, this is real news…

So… why so weird? Drugs are being blamed at the forefront of the news, the attack has left his victim in a critical condition. Not deterred by one shot at him the crazed man continued until he was killed by multiple rounds.  Before I get into the details too much I just wanted to add, wtf to the people who passed this by and did nothing!! Nothing at all, one person on a bicycle is seen continuing on in the video.

So the victim appears to have been named as Ronald Poppo, a 65 year-old man. He remains critical with a substantial amount of damage to his face, the details I can get suggest anything from over two thirds to 75/80% of his face having been chewed upon by the assailant.

There is a theory this is something drug related, that it has come from smoking Bathsalts or possibly LSD hallucinations. Either way the man was naked, possibly trying to cool down from the drugs, and the first shot did not affect him enough to stop. Let’s wait to see what Toxicology makes of it eh?

The police are involved some time later when a passer-by finally reports the strange event.  I don’t believe for one moment “possible zombie outbreak” is going to have been covered in the handbook!

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it is located in Mayfair, Central London. In the 1900’s t was known as the most haunted house in London. It was made famous by Peter Underwood’s mention of it in Haunted London. For those that are not aware Peter Underwood is famous for his investigations into Borley Rectory and was the literary executor of the Harry Price Estate, he is well respected for his approach into Paranormal Research.

From 1770 to 1827 it was the home of British Prime Minister George Canning, it has since changed hands a fair few times but is now an antiquarian book dealers, Maggs Bros.

Legend has it that the attic is haunted by a young woman who committed suicide in it, she threw herself from the top after being abused by an uncle. In contrast there was another story it was a man locked in the attic room, fed through a hole in the door until he went mad and died.

George Canning was the first to report odd noises and strange things whilst living there. In 1885 the house was brought by Mr Myers who had been jilted by his fiancee. It was here that he slowly went mad and the reputation grew from there on.  As a bet in 1872 a Lord stayed the night, shot at an apparition but then found only the cartridges in the morning.

In Mayfair Magazine. 1879. a maid that stayed in the attic was found to have gone mad. She later died in an asylum the following day and oh the day she was reported to have been found a nobleman took up the challenge to stay the night, he was then found dead and the coroner pronounced it was due to fright.

1887 Sailors from the HMS Penelope stayed the night, on was dead in the morning having tripped as he ran from the house.  Another reported that the ghost of Mr Myers rushed towards them.

Curiously the house has not had any reports since the Magg’s Brother’s got the place in the 1930’s and remark that the tale of the house seems all too familiar in comparison with Lord Lytton’s story The Haunted and The Haunters.


Aspley, Nottingham is about a two minute walk away and I know the area fairly well. May 1987, in Nottingham was the scene of a poltergeist haunting that left a family abandoning their home; the family consisted of husband, wife and three daughters.

The Costello family, John and his wife Helen moved into the house with their three teenaged daughters Sharon (20), Suzie (18) and Rosie (13), due to Sharon being disabled with autism the house had been adapted to their needs.  One day in February that year they came home from a day out and heard the sounds of what they felt were heart beats. Sharon was herself in such shock that she had to be taken to the hospital.

Later on they reported that they had heard mournful music, from an electric organ that had been disconnected. Then they heard a spirited solo on a three-stringed child’s guitar. Windows were smashed, the plugs were pulled out and Sharon’s bedclothes moved around.

A spiritualist, Betty Henswell, stated that there were five ghosts in the house and eventually after the evidence from her was read in court, Jack Yates (64) said he would corroborate the story by staying on their couch. It was felt that he had the integrity to do as he was a retired solicitor’s clerk.

He ended up in a bizarre fight with an unknown force that lifted him up to a foot in the air. It lasted several minutes and at one point took all of his strength to make sure that he could come down again. A typewriter then began to work on its own and typed out ‘AH AH’. Strange noises were heard multiple times and police and social workers both experienced weird feelings.

A priest was called in and when he sprinkled holy water on the stairs it was chucked back at him. The events carried on with the new tenants James Cotterill, his wife and their three children. They reported the same issues along with locked doors opening and a cross inside appearing on the wall.

Jerome “Jerry” Brudos could be listed as a rather disturbing fellow to say the least,  he was a sexual deviant and necrophiliac (please don’t let me explain that one). His signature was to remove a foot or breast off the victim. He froze one of the feet from a victim and would remove it to dress it up in high-heeled shoes. The severity of his psychopathic tendencies has led him to be cited by forensic psychiatrists in those cases where the killer is motivated by lust.

At five he discovered his shoe fetish, he found a pair of black patent leather, open-toe high-heels. His mother found him dressed in them and burnt them. His hatred for her most likely set in at this point.

He continued with what seems to have been the harmless fetish but it escalated when the family moved to Oregan. At 17 he held a woman at knife point and ordered her to remove her clothes whilst he photographed her, he was then arrested and committed to Oregan State’s Hospital mental ward, disagnosed with “early personality disorder” but he went on to collage and then to the military in 1959. Seven months later he was medically discharged.

His habits of hit and run attacks on women continued, he would pull off their shoes. Despite the strange and violent life he did get work as an electrician and married a 17 year old girl that he got pregnant. He would persuade her to walk round the house nude with high-heels on as he paraded around in her underwear.  They had two children and settled in a Portland suburb.

She was unaware of the continued hidden life, 1967 he started to break into homes and a woman found him rooting through her clothes. She was choked until unconscious, raped and then he fled. Not long after this his habits turned fatal, he killed a 19 year old girl, Linda Slawson who knocked on the door as a saleswoman. He killed her and froze one of her feet, he weighted her  body and then dumped it in the nearby river. She was reported missing by her parents and her car was found two weeks later but as there were no records of her calls the police had little to go by.

The second killing was 16 year old Stephanie Vikko, her remains were found in a wooded area nine months later. Jan Whitney was the third victim, her car had broken down and he got her in the car, strangled her and then drove her back to his garage where he had necrophiliac sex with the corpse and cut off her right breast. She was kept in the garage for a couple of days before dumping her in the same river as he had previously.  The fourth victim was Karen Sprinkler who went missing in 1968, her mother alerted the police when she failed to show up and her car was found. He had abducted her, raped her, strangled her and cut off both breasts. He had taken photo’s of her dressed up and then performed necrophilia on her before dumping her in the river.

The fifth and final kill was a month later, he posed as a Police officer and lured in 22 year old Linda Salee from a shopping mall to his car. She had gone to get a birthday present for her boyfriend and failed to show. Three weeks after she was reported missing, a fisherman in the Long Tom River in western Oregon hooked onto something large. They fished up her body that had been weighted down with a transmission box from a car. The autopsy showed the cause of death as strangulation. A few days later they found Karen Sprinkler and then in 1969 Sharon Wood was in her company basement car park, a man tried to hold her up at gun point and told her not to scream. She did as ordered and gave him the high-heels.

Because of the age of all of the women targeted the police looked to the students for leads, one told them she had dated a man with a very keen interest in the case. It was Jerry Brudos. He was put under surveillance and then take in only to be released a few days later. After a woman identified him as trying to drag her into his car they again brought him in. When they did a body search showed him to be wearing women’s under clothing. When he was questioned he immediately confessed. One of the photo’s used for evidence also had his reflection in the mirror. After it became clear an insanity plea was not going to work he pleased guilty, at this time Oregon had no death penalty.

His wife was pulled in for investigations but after an acquittal she changed her name and moved with her two children. The Oregon court had turned down his appeals and finally after 37 years in prison he was found dead from natural causes on 28th March 2006. The only explanation ever provided for kills, “letting off steam.”

Personally I prefer gaming…

Temple of Amida, in Dan-No-Ura is a Japanese legend of haunting.  A blind resident of a temple, Hoichi, was visited each night by the ghost of a samurai who made him play the biwa in the cemetery.

The Priest of the temple soon found out and had the heart sutra painted on every part of Hoichi’s body, apart from the ears.

When the Samurai arrived he could not see the resident, only his ears, and so he took them. Hoichi was from then on known as Hoichi the Earless. It was part of the Kwaiden collection by Masaki Kobayashi.

And here is an extract of this wonderful piece of magic